BetsAPI is a RESTful service for data on all sports. It is a PAID service with low price (started with $10 per month).

Note that in order to access BetsAPI you must purchase related packages.

Please contact us if you have any problem.


To authorize, use this code: Make sure replace YOUR-TOKEN with your real token.

curl "api_endpoint_here?token=YOUR-TOKEN"

You will get a token from our support or Orders page. you should pass it as token= in GET query.

API Endpoints

API endpoint is started with

We have another load balancer API endpoint as in case you have issues with

Rate Limatation


3600 requests per hour.

You can buy Volume Packages to increase the hourly rate limitation from 199,999 to 799,999 requests per hour.

You can check the values in headers:

Header Name Description
X-RateLimit-Limit The maximum number of requests that the consumer is permitted to make per hour.
X-RateLimit-Remaining The number of requests remaining in the current rate limit window.
X-RateLimit-Reset The time at which the current rate limit window resets in UTC epoch seconds.


All responses are in JSON and has a success key to indicate it is successful or not.

You'll get results if everything moves well, and an (R-Errors) will be thrown if failed.

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